Swiftwater Rescue for First Responders

Shore-Based Swiftwater Training (8 hrs)

This is a combination of classroom lessons and hands-on shore-based swift water rescue course for initial arriving fire companies to a swift/flood water emergencies; covering multiple rescue tactics and techniques for swift water incidents. Participants will learn progressive, safe and effective rescue strategies from the simple to the most complex. The course will provide participants with a thorough understanding of rescuer positioning and rescue techniques for multiple situations and circumstances based on actual incidents.

swiftwater first responder training

Course Topics

  • Scene size-up (enroute and upon arrival)
  • Scene safety, assessing the victim(s)
  • Assessing the water conditions and rescue decision making
  • How to integrate water rescue teams into initial response by first due emergency responders. Safeties and Spotter roles and responsibilities
  • Proper PPE
  • Implementation of the Incident Command element into water rescue incidents
  • Basic rope and knot-tying skills that may be implemented into water rescue
  • Individual and team safety
  • Hydrology
  • Progressive and innovative swift water rescue skills plus so much more!
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Required PPE?

No requirements – This is a dry land course combining classroom and hands-on, shore-based training

Why Should My Agency Attend ThiS Course?

Swift water rescue is one of the most dynamic and challenging rescues a first fire apparatus due may face and it is one of the most common technical rescues a first responder may face. All water rescue incidents are dynamic and require rapid and effective decision making to perform a successful and safe rescue. Situational awareness is critical during water rescue incidents to ensure safety for the victim(s) and for the rescuers. These water rescue skills have been taught by the instructor cadre throughout the US, working with firefighters, Urban Search & Rescue Teams, Law Enforcement and EMS personnel.

Requirements to Host This Training Course

Provide a classroom with Projector and Speakers to allow PowerPoint presentation with videos

Provide an area inside or outside to allow hands-on skills; area large enough to throw water rescue throw bags (approximately 100’ x 50’)

50’ Section of 2 ½” or 3” fire hose

Smooth Bore Nozzle

Full SCBA cylinder

2 ½” plug or 2 ½” male to male adapter

14’ or 16’ roof ladder

24’ extension ladder

NO required PPE to participate in course

NO swift water equipment necessary. If host agency does not possess Swift Water Equipment, it can be provided by instructor

Agency may utilize their own equipment cache to familiarize agency members with their own cache

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