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animal rescue trainers and specialists

Technical Animal Rescue Trainers and Responders

ASAR Training and Response is a technical rescue team specializing in both FEMA Resource-Typed and NFPA-based training for practical field and disaster animal rescue applications. Instructors provide comprehensive and life-safety-enhancing planning, response, and functional training in cooperation with local, State, and Federal agencies.

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Our Ambitious Journey

The evolution of development for ASAR Training and Response started back in 2014 as best-practice workgroups funded by USDA created the FEMA ASAR resource typing. Our team of instructors were assembled to meet the training recommendations from the workgroup recommendations, and subsequent FEMA training requirements for response teams and packages.

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Our Vision For The Future

ASAR Training and Response has a bright future as we continue to develop Subject Matter Expert (SME) teams to assist both Task Force Units and the Administrative Staff at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) level. Additionally, as ASAR Training and Response continues to grow we will be developing training for Animal Control Officers and workshops focused on topics such as community planning and animal disaster management. Even as we grow and change, we will continue to work with our federal partners on the advancement of national animal rescue guidelines and the development of functional products.

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