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ASAR Training & Response

Technical Animal Rescue Training

Any Species – Any Time – Tech Rescue


Equipping Communities

ASAR Training and Response is a technical animal rescue team which is made up of dozens of experienced, real-life rescue specialists and subject matter experts. In cooperation with local, state, and federal agencies, we provide comprehensive planning, response, and functional training that equips communities to enhance all levels of emergency response for animal-related situations.

FEMA Resource-Typed Training

Practical Field Applications

Life-Safety-Enhancing Planning

NFPA-Based Training

Disaster Rescue Applications

Local, State, Federal Agency Training

Advanced Animal Rescue Training

The ASAR training platform has been refined over the last 15 years to more effectively teach rescue teams and animal control officers how to best perform in practical field and disaster response situations. Courses include advanced training in over 35 focus areas, including swiftwater and floodwater rescue, boat operations, rope rescue, heavy extrication, and more.

Floodwater Animal Rescue

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Swiftwater Animal Rescue

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USAR Animal Rescue Competencies

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All Training Courses

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Animal Search and Rescue Specialists

Founded in 2005, our initial goal was simple - to become a training resource for animal rescue awareness in the Midwest. Since then, our ever-growing aspirations have helped us become a trusted partner to multiple agencies across the United States, and now internationally, for technical animal rescue training and disaster response.

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Our Growing Impact

With passionate instructors and dedicated support from our partners, we're giving communities enhanced capacity and capability to respond effectively - when it matters most:

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