ASAR Floodwater and Boat Operations

floodwater animal rescue training

*This class can be combined with the ASAR Swiftwater Training to be a 4-day combo class

*Customized training available for USAR teams with credentialed SRT-A Technicians to meet FEMA 509 Resource Typing for Swiftwater Animal Rescue Specialist*

Floodwater Animal Rescue Training

ASAR Floodwater and Boat Ops is a minimum 2-day operations level course designed to apply both slack water and moving water boat operations with small animal capture and containment techniques.  An additional day of low angle knots and ropes can be added to the curriculum as an option to meet NFPA Surface Water Rescue guidelines. This training is provided through both hands-on and classroom instruction.

This floodwater animal rescue class blends NFPA 1670 operational skills for swiftwater rescue, surface water rescue, rope rescue, and technical animal rescue for application in a flood response.  Training will also meet the criteria for Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) team training guidelines referenced in National Alliance of State Animal and Agricultural Emergency Programs (NASAAEP) ASAR best practice work group white paper; and the Southern Agriculture and Animal Disaster Response Alliance (SAADRA) ASAR Resource Typing.

16 hours w/o ropes | 24 hours w/ ropes

Course Topics

  • Lecture - Introduction to flood water response skills
  • Small animal applications
  • Large animal applications - discussion
  • Basic water safety/PPE/Self Rescue/Team rescue
  • Boat operations in slack water and moving water
  • Introduction to boat/motors
  • Rescue scenarios
animal rescue in floodwater

Participant Requirements

Have the ability to swim well unassisted

Class V rescue PFD with quick release strap

Water rescue helmet

Water draining footwear

Rope gloves (optional)

Whistle (optional)

Appropriate dress for weather

Sunscreen, bug spray

Requirements to Host This Training Course

Boats and outboard motors – 1 boat per 3 or 4 people preferred. Boats can be zodiac type of any size, aluminum boats should be at least 14’ in length. Outboard motors should be tiller mount motors (preferred)

Classroom (for the first morning only) with A/V equipment and speakers if possible, otherwise please notify the instructor prior to class

Pop-up tents for shade, if needed, during outside practical (optional, but preferred

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