Animal Ice Rescue Operations (AIRO)

animal ice rescue training

Animal Ice Rescue Training

Animal Ice Rescue Operations (AIRO) is a 1.5 day or 2.5 day (Ropes day included) operations level course designed to provide first responder animal ice rescue training with a focus on both small and large animal rescue applications. This training is provided through both hands-on and classroom instruction.

Course Topics

  • Hazards involved in animal ice rescue and water rescue
  • Self-rescue and team-rescue skills
  • Ropes, knots, mechanical advantage and anchor systems (Optional separate day)
  • Small and large animal rescue techniques for a variety of situations including deep water, shallow water and mud-related rescues
  • Full scale practical scenarios
animal rescue on ice training horse

Participant Requirements

All participants must have a drysuit (rentals available) or ice rescue suit

Class V PFD with quick release strap

Water rescue helmet

Proper PPE for weather and cold water

Requirements to Host This Training Course

Classroom environment for first morning powerpoint presentation and discussion

Indoor facilities for rope class that includes open space and anchors to tie rope systems

Outdoor lake or pond with at least 3-4 inches of good ice

Outdoor area must have access to warming area and restroom facilities

Minimum registration requirement for this training is a class size of at least 20 participants and a maximum of 30 participants.

Upcoming Training Events

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