Chemical Capture Training

Safe and Effective Chemical Immobilization

This hands on 8-hour class provides complete up-to-date instruction in safe and effective chemical immobilization of domestic animals and some wildlife. Participants will learn how to properly assess a situation for appropriate use of chemical immobilization, calculate the proper drug dosage, safely load a dart and operate a projector, provide appropriate after-care for the animal, and proper documentation of the event. Skills qualification with the participants chosen projector(s) will also be offered at this course.

Price: $150 per person

chemical capture training specialist

Course Topics

  • Officer Safety
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Evaluating the need for chemical capture including alternative methods of capture
  • Proper record keeping
  • Immobilization drug effects, proper dosage calculation and after care (This will be provided by a veterinarian)
  • Developing a Standard Operating Procedure for Chemical Capture
  • Pre, during and post chemical capture care of the animal
  • Proper use of Projectors (blow-dart, pistol and rifle, CO2, air and cartridge powered)
  • Proper handling of darts before during and after event

Participant Requirements

Close toed footwear

Proper clothing for weather (if outdoors)

Your Agency provided projector (there will be projectors provided if you are unable to bring yours)

Requirements to Host This Training Course

Facilities need to provide a classroom location for a power point presentation and discussion

Area for range use of projectors

Minimum registration requirement for this training is a class size of at least 15 participants

Upcoming Training Events

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