ASAR Ropes and Rigging Training

Ropes and Rigging Training for Wildnerness & Urban Situations

The ASAR Ropes and Rigging course is designed to apply in both wilderness and urban situations. Whether you are rappelling into a basement, enclosure or rigging for a victim raise out of a drainage area; this class focuses on the skills needed to rig safely for rescue. Day 1 starts with basic knots and continues with progressive and redundant rigging applications; and ends on day 4 with working high angle companion animal rescue scenarios. Participants in this training should have basic ropes and rigging knowledge to work in this fast-paced learning environment.

This class can be combined with the LARO course to add a large animal application for a 5-day training.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to rope rescue equipment
  • Basic knots and hitches
  • Mechanical advantage systems and anchors
  • Low angle applications
  • High angle applications
  • Raise/Lower systems
  • Rappelling
  • Companion animal packaging/restraint
animal rope rescue trainee

Participant Requirements


Gloves (optional)

Good footwear

Proper clothing for the weather

Requirements to Host This Training Course

Classroom with A/V equipment and speakers if possible, otherwise please notify the instructor prior to class

Area for rope class that includes open space and anchors to tie rope systems for both low angle and high angle

Indoor or outdoor area for practical scenarios

Minimum registration requirement for this training is a class size of at least 20 participants and a maximum of 40 participants

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